14 Beautiful Spots on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree for Visitor

“Sometimes fun is not the destination ,it’s the journey”

In this blog we are going to explore real fun on a road trip from Los Angeles to Joshua tree, sometimes fun is not about destination it is about the journey, sometimes road trips itself become an entertainment. Some beautiful spots can not be discovered without getting lost in the journey toward your destination. This trip is about the beautiful spots that you will explore on Los Angeles to Joshua tree. Your day become beautiful if you are on a road trip to somewhere, that’s true if you want to enjoy your vacations or want to make your journey unforgettable this is a perfect location to explore great fun on the way.

Image Los Angeles to Joshua Tree

All these spots and the scenic beauty of the way will make this trip amazing. Before setting out on your road trip from Los Angeles to Joshua tree there are some amazing and Iconic places to visit on Los Angeles to Joshua road trip CA.

Iconic places to visit on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, CA

If you are looking to enjoy vacations with your partner on road trip from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree these places promises extraordinary and exciting experience. Los Angeles offers cool experiences to make your trip beautiful, Some of Must do things are;

Horse Riding to Hollywood Sign

Image Hollywood

If you love adventure and searching for great fun on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree road trip, it is time to saddle up and set out on one of best urban trip. Sunset Ranch offers above sea level experience, this trial promises an unforgettable journey with some of the most beautiful views you will experience on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. Loss Angeles is home to unique activities that you cannot find anywhere else, there you can find historic sites that offer glimpse of past and some of the best views in the city that get you close and personal with nature.

Bubble world

This is a location that is loved by people of all ages if you want to experience fun with your family and kids this is the must visiting destination located in Montebello. Bubble word is fun for people of all ages especially for kids, and it’s free for kids, it offers games, virtual reality and plenty of different opportunities this family friendly environment makes your trip amazing. 

Live Jazz at LACMA

Los Angeles is a beautiful country where this Museum of art is located and is one of the most iconic place for Art lovers on way from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. If you are looking for art this is the back location to visit in Los Angeles, entry to museum is totally free from April to November LACMA turns into jazzy scene, as first come first served the concert itself is completely free along you to enjoy life tunes without hurting your wallet. This show start at 6:00 p.m. and run for 2 hours, taking place at the Smidt Welcome plaza.

Shot of Art

If you are art lover shot of Art is one of the best spot to visit for you on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree road trip, this interactive gallery features innovative exhibitions where you become a part of great art work you, this great fusion of art and mixology makes shot of Art a must visit destination for anyone seeking for unforgettable evening and want to make their experience wonderful. 

Griffith Observatory Los Angeles, CA.

Image griffith observatory

Loss Angeles is the most famous tourist attraction in the United States, and Griffith Observatory located in Los Angeles is one of the best location for visitors on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree road trip. Observatory building is one of the most iconic part of Los Angeles that can be seen from miles. You can take a beautiful downtown view of Los Angeles from observatory, Griffith Observatory is location located on a really high hill, people come here for amazing views this observatory offers completely free admission facility located on the South side of Mount Hollywood in Griffith park. 

The location is busiest on the weekends during summer and holidays period, If you want to have unforgettable experience try to reach couple hours before sunset. The golden hour at Griffith observatory during summer is 7PM. After entering the Griffith observatory you will find many activities like theatre, exhibitions some of them are paid and some are free. This place features 12 inch reflecting telescope that is free so you can witness planets, stars and galaxies, this place is famous for its starry nights.

Palm Springs

Another must visit destination on road trip from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree is Palm Springs, Talking about history of Palm Springs it was famous resort in 1950s. At the time this destination get famous because of Hollywood stars who came here for relaxing and to spend their best vacation time. Their are so many interesting things about this destination, there are 10000 Palms trees that gives Palm springs it’s name. 

The palm springs is a region composed of Nine cities, the interesting fact about this destination is that it offer vibes of 1950 or 60s, this destination is well known for pools and hiking. If you are interested to explore great architecture this is one of the best spot to visit on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree because it has the most mid- century architecture buildings which are great attraction for architecture lovers. 

Desert Hot Springs

Palm springs is a very big region and there is much to explore, just north of the Palm Springs there is must visit destination known as Desert Hot Spring to make your experience wonderful.

Joshua Tree Visiting centre

Joshua tree is a great destination on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree road trip, it is an incredible land of 75,000 acres area known as Joshua tree National Park. It is spot of beautiful sceneries that will open your eyes to the wonders of the world, this is a great spot on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree road trip. This place is considered as heaven for adventure lovers and can help them make exciting memories and make trip unforgettable with unlimited fun.

Arch Rock 

image Arch Rocks

This is the one of the best destination to explore on Los Angeles to Joshua tree national Park ,California. This half mile trail takes you to the arch so you can explore place and this is best place for star photography. It is Located in white tank camp ground, Arch Rock is a great point in Joshua National park. Joshua National Park have some great rock formations to explore, there is skull rock which looks like skull and next to see is a heart rock that is heart shaped rock.

Choya Cactus garden

Exploring this stop on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree is different kind of fun , Choya Cactus spread out as for as you can see, Walking in that part of park and exploring short trail is fun for adventure lovers. These are known as jumping cactus if you get so close to them they’ll stick to you, walking in this cactus trail is challenging and entertaining.

Barker Dam

Another famous spot on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree is in Joshua National Park and is most iconic trail known as Barker Dam, this is trial that takes you to the historic Dam. The best time to visit this great stop is in spring, when the Barker dam is filled with water that took its beauty to the next level. This is the best trail features great Joshua trees and many crazy Rock formations makes it a perfect destination to explore in the park. 

The trial views looks more awesome when it’s filled with water, the reflections and the rocks behind it makes trail more beautiful and attractive. Joshua National Park also features other great rock formations as mention above there is a rock looks like a penguin called as penguin rock located in the Jumbo rocks makes it perfect spot to explore on Los Angeles to Joshua tree for rock lovers and is great photography stop.

If you love mountains this is the best stop for you, these are not tallest mountain in Joshua tree National Park but it is a great trail to explore.

Hidden valley

This destination is another popular hike in the Joshua National Park, this is one or one and half miles beautiful trail, walking up the few miles from parking takes you to this valley surrounded almost entirely by beautiful rocks. It is really awesome to walk through the valley of mountains and this is one of the best destination on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree to see beautiful sunset.

Ryan Mountain

Image Rayan Mountain

Although Ryan mountain is not the tallest mountain but the beautiful views make it a perfect hiking trail, it is located in the centre of park. This is short trail but is incredible and a great spot on Los Angeles to Joshua tree, all over the park you will see great views, rock formations and landscape of Joshua tree below you, this is great destination if you love to see perfect sunset from the height to make your evening more beautiful.

Keyes viewpoint

This is a great view point on Los Angeles to Joshua tree you can look Coachella valley and down into the Palm springs, this is a great and a popular place to visit and is famous for beautiful sunset right behind the mountain, the path takes you to trail of 15 to 20 mints that ends up to a bench in an overlook.

Keys Desert Queen Ranch

This destination have its own history Desert Queen grant was home of bill and Frances keys, everything you see there today have its history behind, desert Queen grants is a branch like no other and is a cornerstone of Joshua tree National Park .This destination on Los Angeles to Joshua tree is quite different in its historic value from all other stops in the Joshua National Park. 

The keys ranch is the prime example of early settlement in the Joshua tree National Park, keys occupation of the desert Queen ranches and barker Dam established one of the most successful desert settlements in the region. The high desert country that become Joshua tree National Park was the area primarily used as a grazing area with limited agricultural, the Ranches located in the desert are great attraction for the tourist to explore in Joshua tree National Park.

The keys historic ranch District contains wide variety of features including a ranch house, milling facilities ,agriculture areas and five dams. The keys Ranch historic district is 20 miles from the Joshua tree National Park, the landscape is approximately 880 acres. This is destination that is an example individual ability to succeed in setting a challenging environment. This become a reason of attraction for many of the tourist to visit this destination.

Thoughts on Los Angeles to Joshua Tree Road trip

All journey from Los Angeles to Joshua tree is full of fun. Along the way you will explore the great sceneries and the great adventures at both destinations. Joshua tree National Park is a destination where two desert meets, Part of Mojave Desert Incredibly diverse natural area where you can explore the nature with a unique features of this iconic land .The Mojave desert ecosystem provide habitat for numerous birds mammals insect.

The best thing you can explore in the Joshua National Park is the Nature, key desert of Joshua tree National Park is destination that tells the story of survival and a beauty born through perseverance, this all makes it a perfect destination to explore and a great vacations spot. This Park offers the best views, keys view is one of the best view points from this point you can see panoramic view of the mountains, Coachella Valley and palm springs. Road trip from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree offers exciting experience for visitors and help them find hidden gems on their journey that enhances their experience.