July 15, 2024
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Drive from Big Sur to San Francisco is not just about reaching destination but it invites people to get lost in natural beauty of many iconic spots on way.

Pacific coast highway is one of the most famous road that go along the coastlines of California, it is more than just road it is gateway to iconic and charming landmarks you can witness. This highway passes through the beautiful and iconic cliffs of Big Sur to San Francisco this road offers great and everlasting experience for everyone. This scenic drive from Big Sur to San Francisco is not just about reaching destination but it invites people to get lost in natural beauty of many iconic spots on way.

big sur to san francisco image

When you travel through Pacific coast highway you can witness iconic spots and beauty of Pacific Ocean that can captivate your heart. This road trip is not just about natural beauty it is about stories and memories that are connected with landscapes you passes like there are many historical bridges and architectural marvel. From Big Sur to San Francisco every stop or landscape has its own charm and story that is waiting to be discovered.

In this article we will discover 9 most beautiful and iconic stops on pacific coast highway from Big Sur to San Francisco and we will virtually explore them. Every stop has its own charm and captivation like big bridges to many peaceful and hidden beaches, this road trip is going to be one of your best trip.

Bixby Creek Bridge

It is located on pacific coast highway this bridge is proof of amazing engineering work and power of nature it is famous bridge located on south of Monterey. It is gateway for captivating natural wonders that is located on the way from Big Sur to San Francisco California. Bixby Creek Bridge is not just bridge to cross valley it is architectural marvel that provide excellent views of surrounding landscape.

When people step foot on this famous bridge they can witness iconic sceneries of coastal areas and people can also have sight on extend of Pacific Ocean. Thing that differentiate this bridge from others is its distinctive design that captivate hearts of every travelers, this bridge offers exciting views of beautiful cliffs and beach areas that can make your trip joyful and can help you click amazing pictures. 

McWay Falls

On pacific highway from Big Sur to San Francisco there is a hidden gem of natural beauty known as McWay Falls and it is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. McWay Fall is beautiful destination where waterfall from amazing cliffs to charming beach water shines with sunlight and is surrounded by greenery. For reaching iconic spot on MacWay fall you need to do little and adventurous hike that passes through beautiful trees and greenery. 

This hike provide charming view of surrounding and provide opportunity to witness beauty of nature journey on this trail is beauty it self. As you reach the spot to have view on this beautiful waterfall sound and beauty of free fall of water from cliffs hassle and tensions of daily life and tiresome of journey fade away. Thing that make this water fall different from others is its beauty, and absence of human activities make this place a remarkable destination to explore.

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer beach is charming beach of pacific coastline waiting to be explored on pacific highway in Big Sur, this beach has beautiful views and refreshing atmosphere that can refresh your soul. This beach is famous because of its unique feature of purple shade of sand as a result of manganese garnet deposit. This shiny sand help viewers to enter in the realm of peace and unseen natural beauty to make experience more joyful and unique.

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One step on this beach can take hassle and tensions of daily life away beauty and peace of beach is indescribable there are many cypress trees that attract visitors. Another beauty of Pfeiffer Beach is its iconic Keyhole rock when sun set it seem to be covered in Keyhole rock it is sight that captivate attention of many photographers. 

Lobos State Natural Reserve on Big Sur to San Francisco

Going from Big Sur to San Francisco this point is located in between Pacific Ocean and Carmel by the sea is heaven for those people who want to connect with nature this place is home for wildlife. It is more than just a destination it is heaven for people who are attracted by outdoor activities and adventures, when people step foot is this reserve tensions of daily life fade away.

Lobos state natural reserve is famous for cliffs and many beautiful meadows on beach that is reason it is home for wildlife. This point is not only home to many trees and plants but also is enrich with diversity of wildlife that attract many animal lovers and photographers. Sea otters play on their home beach brings smile on faces of tourists, world beneath water is also admiring that is home for many marine creatures.

17-Mile Drive

While traveling from Lobos people when go to the 17-Mile drive they are captivated with beauty and charm, this place is spread between Pacific grove and Pebble beach. This famous route is known for its natural wonders, historical landmarks and beautiful views that attract tourists and provide them escape way in natural beauty, road passes through many green landscapes that are preparing you to enter the official 17-mile drive.

As you enter the official root you are welcome by sign board that explain beauty of route that yo are going through and promises you a great experience. While going from Big Sur to San Francisco this 17-Mile drive have many iconic and captivating views and landscapes like the Lone cypress tree. The Ghost tree also attract attention of any tourists and there is beautiful Lodge at pebble beach that increase beauty of this place.


Along the coastlines of California Carmel-by-the-Sea stands as a city of beauty and charm it offers many stories books cottage, art galleries and culinary delight. From Big Sur to San Francisco Carmel-by-the-Sea is city that seems like city from fairy tails when you roam in its cobblestone streets you can witness its beautiful architecture. It also have many homes with beautiful gardens and fences this city promotes sense of community hence build relationships among tourists and local people.


Art is spread in every corner of this city there are many galleries and studios on road that represents the skills and talent of local artists, painting and many sculptures enhances beauty of the city and offer people to explore beauty and charm that flows in this city.

Culinary adventures 

Art of Carmel-by-the-Sea is not limited to galleries only it is also extended to the culinary delights like charming cafes beautiful restaurants make this city heaven for food lovers. Local foods include many options like sea food or many local items that provides amazing experience and taste that suites your taste buds.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

While going from Big Sur to San Francisco Santa Cruz beach is famous and iconic location, in this place beach broad walk is something you should visit. It is place where rides and fn meets the beauty and charm of ocean it is perfect place for family outing because of its family friendly atmosphere.

Rides and Fun

Santa Cruz beach Boardwalk is place where fun and amusement of rides meets the vast extend of ocean and provides unlimited fun for people of all ages. Adventure of roller coaster and beauty on ocean combines will provide you beautiful experience that no one has dreamed of.

Family Friendly Environment 

Beach Boardwalk is famous place for family outings and trips because of its family friendly environment and it offers excitement and fun for people of every age. Atmosphere fills with laughs and smiles as families and friends are having fun together and making charming and everlasting memories.

Entertainment Everywhere

Driving from Big Sur to San Francisco Santa Cruz beach broad walk is point where you can find entertainment and activities everywhere there are many classic arcade games and different live performances where you can enjoy. There are many street performances where yo can enjoy and make incredible memories these performances are very famous.

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Natural Bridges State Beach

It is located on coastlines of Santa Cruz from Big sur to San Francisco, Natural Bridges State Beach is famous spot that stand as sign of beauty and charm. Name of park emerges from iconic and famous rock representing expanse of Pacific Ocean this place offers great natural adventures and sight of beautiful sunset that make experience memorable. Natural Bridge state beach is famous for its 3 natural rocks that adds more beauty to this iconic spot, shapes of these rocks are formed as a result of erosion for centuries by water.

This place on way from Big Sur to San Francisco is not only famous for rocks it is also known as heaven for people who love tide pools. Their is a whole world of marine life like anemones and many crabs that are spread in rocks these is amazing world that show the nature of underwater world. As sun begin to set the rocks become beautiful view point to witness charm and magic of this sunset, this spot is famous to make beautiful memories.

Half Moon Bay From Big Sur to San Francisco 

Half Moon Bay is famous coastline spot it is place where rough beaches meet meadows and produce beautiful views and present charm of nature. It is located in south of San Francisco it is place that offers tourists exciting and charming views and memorable experience.

Beach of Half Moon is famous for its rough cliffs, and people who like captivating sights of sea this spot offers great opportunity to explore its tide pools.

Thoughts on Road Trip From Big Sur to San Francisco 

Traveling on Pacific highway from Big Sur to San Francisco this journey is incredible experience to discover and explore charm of hidden gems on way. These 9 iconic spots we discovered is gateway to enter the realm of realm charm and beauty of nature and architectural marvels. This pacific coast highway from Big Sur to San Francisco is more than just road it represent beauty and hidden gems of coastlines of California and help tourists to make exciting memories.

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