May 26, 2024
Image sea dragon pirate cruise
Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise is 2 hours scenic adventure full of music, activities and pirate adventures for families you can also watch playful dolphins.
Image sea dragon pirate cruise

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise

5325 N Lagoon Dr, Panama City, FL 32408

+1 850-234-7400

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise is more than just a ship it is gateway to enter realm of swashbucklers. Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise has something for everyone. This adventure is loved by people of all ages. I really enjoyed this adventure because it take us to world of friendly pirates on traditional pirate’s ship. Dolphins and other marine life increase my excitement and provide beautiful sight.

Kids can also fire cannons and can enjoy company of friendly pirates. When kids find treasure they can take their share of loot. There are many parties that can make experience memorable and joyful.

Family Friendly Cruise Adventure

Image sea dragon pirate cruise

I suggest you to take your family with you they will enjoy company of friendly pirate, Caption Phill and his crew. It will transport you to old times when high seas were ruled by the pirates. This is one of the best adventure you and your family will never forget.

Adventures at Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise

It was almost 2 hours full of scenic and exciting adventure. There are many adventures for families like dolphin sighting, and many pirates activities for kids and families. Kids can have sword fight, swabbing the deck, firing the kid cannon, their creativity can increase by adventures like reading treasure map, water gun fight, face painting and pirate dance. I booked this trip as a surprise for kids it ended up with good memories for all of us. 

Facilities on Ships

There are many facilities on Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise like beers, soda, music, restrooms, and T-shirts. You can feel freedom of sea on real 85 pirate ship. Best thing of Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise is its friendly staff and affordable prices so you can plan this adventure without breaking bank.

Sing with Pirates

There was beautiful soundtrack that enhances our experience and we start singing like pirates. The soundtrack of Sea Dragon is full of fun and entertainment. Our experience was enhanced by many pirates songs throughout journey.

Personal Suggestion

Sea Dragon Pirates Cruise was amazing, kids loved it. Kids were having great time with pirates they were playing, singing and dancing. Parents also have great time enjoying drinks, watching playful dolphins and making everlasting memories. Our children absolutely loved it, highly recommended you can just sit back and relax while your children have fun with pirates.

Image sea dragon pirate cruise

FAQ’s on Pirate Cruise 

Q. What happen when there is rain on your trip?

Mostly rain move faster in Panama City Beach it takes almost 15 minutes that is why rain do not interfere with ship. When ship is caught in rain or passing storm there is ample room to get everyone inside. Kids can continue their adventure in dungeons. If there is early forecast staff will inform you. You can then change your trip day or time.

Q. Does Sea Dragon Pirate Ship have restrooms?

Answer is yes! They have restrooms for both ladies and gents located downstairs. These restrooms are well maintained and cleaned to make trip comfortable.

Q. Can I get seasick on Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise? 

Hope not! Capt. and his crew all make efforts to travel in calm water but sometimes to have sight on dolphins boat can shake a little but it will be for short time. If you feel sick let the crew know they will help you and try to stay in wind going in dungeons can make situation worse.

Q. Can we see dolphins on our trip?

Capt. try very hard to locate dolphins. Mostly, people see dolphins but as they are wild so it is not guaranteed to see dolphins but you can witness amazing sunset