June 16, 2024
kids on a plane a family travel blog
Kids on a plane a family travel blog is our personal experience of traveling with kids. we will share some tricks to enjoy your flight with kids

Most people think traveling with kids is annoying and they take it as a nightmare. In this Kids on a Plane A Family Travel Blog we will share our own experience of flying with children. We will share tips, tricks, and everything to make your family trip unforgettable.

kids on a plane a family travel blog

We planned to go on family friendly location with kids to make their vacations more exciting. As we decided to go through air, we pack all kids essentials and things to keep them entertained on trip. Kids on a Plane A Family Travel Blog will help those parents who are seeking advice for traveling with kids.

Choose a Perfect Destination

Kids on a Plane a Family Travel Blog will help every parent to enjoy one of the best family trip. Before going for a trip or any outing with kids you have to choose a perfect destination. Place which can offer adventure, fun, relaxation, and learning opportunities for kids. Their are many theme parks, zoo, museums, and water parks where kids would love to go. We choose to visit Disneyland Park. 

Booking Accommodation and Tickets of Plane

Disneyland is almost 15 miles from John Wayne Airport so we decided to go through a plane. We book tickets for whole family. Kids on a Plane a Family Travel Blog will guide those who want to enjoy family outing or want to travel with kids. I recommend you to book direct ticket to where you are going. It will avoid layovers and help you enjoy stress free flight with kids.  

Accommodation is not only a place to sleep it can enhance whole experience of trip. So you should book accommodation that suites kids and they can enjoy while relaxing. Hotels or suites that have pools for families and play areas for kids is better option.

We know that good trip with family is all about good planning. Kids on a Plane A Family Travel Blog is best resource to take guidance to make excellent memories.

Packing Essentials for Kids

Comfortable and stress free journey is consider the best. For comfort and stress free trip we start packing every essential thing. Packing is crucial for trips, especially when you are traveling with kids. I recommend you to pack every essential item like diapers, wipes, and snacks. My kids love snacks so I packed some snacks for them. 

Smart packing is also very helpful. Smart packing means pack every essential thing and do not pack things that are not useful it will increase weight of luggage. I packed colour books, sketch books and puzzles to keep my kids entertained during flight. It is best way to keep them engage on a flight.

Surviving Airport Hassle – Kids on a Plane A Family Travel Blog

Whenever you go to airport must carry every essential document to avoid airport hassle. Keep all necessary documentation like passport, boarding pass, tickets in easy reach so whenever you need it you can easily take them out. Kids on a Plane Family Travel Blog recommend you to explain your children what to expect, from security checks to sensation of plane. 

I Recommend you to go before time so you do not have to rush for anything. You can go through security clearance before time and can also go to play areas for kids to make them happy. It is best to keep them entertained. If you are in hurry they will get irritated and it is obviously not a start you want for your trip.

In Flight Fun on Kids on a Plane A Family Travel Blog

When traveling with kids lengthy flights can be stressful experience for parents. But with some preparation we can avoid that. Kids on a plane a family travel blog is helpful for people who are looking to travel with kids. Some basic tricks can make trip more enjoyable for kids and for everyone.

I choose noise cancelation headphones for my kids for their flight. Loud noise can irritate kids so these headphones will help them stay calm. I packed may comfort items to make kids feel relax on plane like water bottle and blanket. Water bottle is best way to avoid dehydration and encourage kids to drink more water. 

Creative activities like colour books, sketch books and puzzle keep them engage and entertained. During long flights kids get irritate so these puzzles and books will help them pass their time. Healthy snacks and meal option is also necessary to keep kids healthy.  Provide kids headphones to watch movie and play games. Kids sometimes kicks seats, teach your child do not kick seat before them. 

Sometimes long flights discomfort the kids. If they need to move around or stretch their legs accompany them. 

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In Flight Etiquette – Kids on a Plane A Family Travel Blog

In flight etiquette are necessary for comfort and pleasant experience for everyone on plane. Kids on a plane family travel blog will help you to practice good in flight etiquette with your kids.

Kids usually make loud noises. Most travelers hate loud voices so provide them headphones for playing games or watching movies. Do not bring strong smell meal or food that can bother other passengers. Ensure that your belongings are stowed neatly under the seat or in overhead bins.

Tips for Comfortable Journey – Kids on a Plane A Family Travel Blog 

Most crucial tip from Kids on a Plan A Family Travel Blog is to keep you kids entertained during flight. Good planning is difference between peaceful and stressful flight. Provide things that suites kids intrust like some kids like colouring books, sketching while other like playing with toys. My kids are bit older so I gave them tablet to play games and watch cartoons. 

Kids get bore quickly so you should rotate activities to keep their mind fresh like give them tablet for 30 mint and then puzzles. Keep your kid engage let him enjoy your company. Talk with him about destination or show him clouds out of window that can make trip beautiful. Kids on a plane a family travel blog is helpful for those people who are seeking advice on traveling with kids.