May 26, 2024
Image East Texas State Fair
East Texas state fair attracts thousands of tourists every year. The fair offer great attractions and give great chance of enjoyment and entertainment

Tourism and travelling to beautiful destinations is great fun to make your holidays unforgettable and a trip full of enjoyment, it refreshes your mind and soul. In this blog we will explore a destination that is another name of fun and entertainment. Tyler has wast range of attractions for it’s visitors almost all year main reason of its attraction is east Texas state fair that is held in Tyler early in fall season. East Texas state fair attracts thousands of tourists every year.

“The world is like a book those Who
not travel go through only single page”

The fair offer great attractions and give great chance of enjoyment and entertainment, East Texas sate fair that is held in Tyler features food, lights, live concerts, horticulture show and attraction for art lovers too. The Tyler is not just about entertainment but it offers music and concerts, fair held in Tyler features livestock competitions photographic competitions and much more.

Purpose of East Texas State Fair 

East Texas state fair is organised for educational purposes entertainment and spirit of competition, fair comes alive with dynamic mix of agriculture, cuisines and great entertainment for its visitors. In list of largest fairs of health in United States East Texas state fair is considered one of the largest state fair, the state fair of Texas is occasion that refreshes soul and Passion of the Lone Star State this is considered one of the biggest and most recognise state fair in the country.

History and Origin of Fair

Origin date backs to 1886 state fair of Texas open its gate first time for visitors on October 1886 and since then it became must visiting place for food farm and entertainment. Lets talk about history and the changes made with time, fair was first held in 1886 at same place fair was not held during world war 1 and 2, for couple of years in the late 40s. 

Texas was knows for its huge 55 foot Santa, but once visitors stop coming here the town decided to sell its structure so he was sold out and the fair decided to step in and buy Santa and turn it to cowboy. East Texas State Fair held at Fair Park for nearly 65 years, Cowboy stood over the fair to attract huge crowd and to greet visitors.

Image East Texas State Fair

Huge Santa Claus

In 1949, he was the words largest Santa Claus made because town wanted to attract Christmas shoppers and to attract huge crowd. That was really a big hit but once the visitors stop coming state decided to sell it, and the fair bought Santa in 1951.

How the Santa is transformed into big Tex?

The state fair plan to keep it as it is and put Santa as a model of attraction then they thought to create place a centre of attraction and created a Cowboy. As they thought, crowd go wild when the big Tex goes up for the first time in 1952. Crowd swarm around cowboy just like a large group of flying insects surrounded light in night. The interesting thing about that big tex is that the Big Tex greets visitors.

Features of East Texas State Fair

The best features of east Texas State fair is that it attracts million of visitors from near and far. Texas state fair runs for 24 consecutive days, it is the longest running fair in the United State and one of the largest fair in the list of fairs that held in the United States. 

With time the new developments are made facilities and racetrack were built at each location, the events that has started and organised here, attracted sizeable crowd at Dallas state Fair. Let’s talk from the beginning, at entrance of Tyler the premium parking is also available with normal charge 20 dollars. If you are looking for fun and adventure, culture and art this fair offers everything you desire, there are tons of family friendly activities and exhibitions. 

Is it affordable ?

All activities are free with your admission ticket you don’t have to pay more, East Texas state fair is affordable and offers opportunities of pocket friendly entertainment and activities. If you want to have fun grab your seat and fasten your seat belt, and plan your trip of Texas to be apart of this great fair this year. So this is the time to put your Cowboy boots and to get ready to explore fun adventure and entertainment at Texas fair.


Entertainment Options at East State Texas Fair 

Texas Star Ferris wheel

Texas Ferris wheel is named as Texas Star and has height of 212 feet. Texas star can carry 264 passengers at once it was built in Italy and shipped to Dallas in 1985 east Texas state fair, ferris wheel at fair park in Dallas operates during the annual fair of Texas.

Sea Lion Splash Circus 

For lively souls, fair offers soap bubble Circus activity full of entertainment that is surely attraction for visitors and those who enjoy beauty of life. Sometimes little attractions are enough to make your day beautiful and to refresh your mind, Another wonderfully performance to see is fringe stage, world famous street performance of lady is another great thing to see in east Texas State fair. Sara brings great body twisting and bending archery skills and great performance to the fringe stage, these shows refreshes mind and body these shows has something for everyone to enjoy.


Another fun activity for the lively souls at East Texas state fair is water balloon fight, in heat of Texas this water balloon fight is really a great fun

Another attraction for kids 

Dinosaur at the lagoon is a great attraction for kid featuring 10 life sized dinosaurs found in east Texas state fair, it is wonderful kids play area with plenty of seating and dining options available, this makes fair fun with entertainment for the whole family.

Jetpack Flying water circus

Jetpack water Circus is the name of fun, flying water Circus presented unique exciting experience and awesome stunts that captures the attention of all the visitors. If you are looking for fun they are truly professional and you will be pleased with experience, looking for something new to make your experience unforgettable then east Texas state fair is perfect for you.

Live Music Concerts

Live music is a fun and great entertainment for those who are true music lovers and it’s all free with your admission ticket there are multiple stages located everywhere ground is filled with live music everyday. If you are a true music lover you will love to explore your taste of music and will be great fun for you exploring all the shows at fair, the fun fair of Texas offers concert series and is one of the best things to do at east Texas state fair because it is totally free. 

During whole fair, over span of 24 days music lovers can enjoy different music concerts and regional musicians performance at the fair that is great excitement for music lovers. Bud light stage centrally located in cotton ball plaza, the bud light stage is convenient to all your fair food favourite and features a wide variety of act. You can enjoy the blend of pop music, dancers, art and technology that is a great speciality of Texas, the state fair of Texas offers free music for music lovers where they can experience all different kind of live music free of cost.


Commercial Exhibitions

Texas Fair means great fun, good food, enjoyment and great activities along with this Texas fair offers much more, State fair of Texas is the largest state fair in the country which offers unique mix of shopping entertainment educatio, live music food, livestock ,creative art and different competition. The fair of Texas provide opportunity to explore great exhibitions and to meet stunning art.

There is a fixed timing for exhibitions in east Texas state fair they must open at 10:00 a.m. and remain open until 9:00 p.m, the management offers amenities including security, site storage, water ,electric city and trash services. 

Creative Arts

Let’s talk about art and crafts east Texas state fair offers art and craft exhibitions, where ever you are and whatever you love to do state fair of Texas has you covered. All you have to do is produce your masterpiece and get appreciation and chance to show your art to the world, some of the famous categories are

  • Canning 
  • Ceramics Craftsman 
  • FineArt 
  • Great pumpkin challenge 
  • Photography 
  • HobbyCollections 
  • HolidayCorner 
  • Needle point and counted cross Stitch 
  • Needle work and sewing 
  • Afghans rugs and bed spreads 
  • Designer craftsman 
  • List of the iconic fruits that are speciality of Texas. 
  • Corn dogs 
  • Funnel cake 
  • Deep fried bacon  
  • Veggie empanada 
  • Fruit cups 

Agriculture at East Texas State Fair 

The state fair of Texas celebrate all things and promote agricultural education and community involvement through quality entertainment, The Texas offers agriculture fair, youth livestock auction and many more agriculture promoting programs, In 2016 the state’s fair of Texas introduce Big tex urban farms.

Livestock shows

State fair of Texas offer greatest livestock show in the country, the state fair of Texas exhibit more than 15 different breed of cattle different breed of sheep and many other animals that become a centre of attraction for many visitors.  Some people are there to compete at the state fair of Texas and some are there to enjoy the livestock show, the fair offers different exhibitions like horse exhibition, youth livestock auction, Rodeo participation and much more to make your experience wonderful and enjoy able.

Helping Community

 The best thing about this state fair is it is helping community it was started in 2016, started to grow food indoor using the hydroponic techniques right next to the Ferris wheel. Food was grown without soil the best part is, food that is grown is donated to non profits in South Dallas, as it is area of need so they are doing a wonderful job by helping community.

The best part of organisation is that it is not only giving food away, but also give education to the people that comes along with it. If you are interested to explore the working network of this great program and want to know the great hydroponic techniques that are used to grow quality food, you will find it here in Texas.