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sunset beach holiday park
Welcome to the realm of Big4 sunset beach holiday park where people can enjoy natural beauty with modern comfort.
4 Bosley Street, Geraldton WA, Australia+61 89938 1655
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When visitors are dreaming for a perfect vacations, Sunset Beach Holiday Park is destination that will make their vacations special and joyful. When it comes to Australia, Beaches and water sites are best choice for perfect destination, in Australia when people thinks for outdoor adventures or trips first thing that came in mind is beaches.

sunset beach holiday park

Imagine a vacation where beautiful sound of waves from ocean greets good morning, where sunset paints sky in different beautiful scenes and where every moments is filled with joy and relaxation. Welcome to the realm of Big4 sunset beach holiday park where people can enjoy natural beauty with modern comfort.

Looking For Weekend or Summer Fun 

Whether people are looking for summer vacations or holidays trip Sunset Beach Holiday Park is the perfect destination. Holidays are incomplete without any outdoor activities and adventures, when it comes to outdoor adventures the best option in the hot summer are beaches and swimming pools. People who want to enjoy summer vacations, their priority is beaches and water sites to enjoy hot summer days with cool water twist.

Coastal Retreat

It is located along beach and help people to escape hassle and boring daily routine and enter the realm of natural wonders, this sunset beach holiday park offers opportunity to explore extended and vast beaches, help families to enjoy vacations and to make trip charming and exciting. Beaches and ocean can provide cool twist in hot day of summer, people can also play various beach games and can simply roam in sunny beach or can enjoy swimming.

Big4 Sunset Beach Holiday Park

If people are searching for destination more than just swimming pool and water to make their experience memorable and joyful then consider Sunset Beach Holiday Park in list. It surely is perfect vacation spot where people can meet nature ,comfort, joy and best service. This Sunset beach holiday park is really a great location right by the beach. no doubt Australia has most iconic beaches and destinations that can make vacations memorable.

Australia has much more to explore, not only the destination but also the road journey is beautiful people can have best road trips with the most scenic drives making this journey to Sunset beach holiday park memorable. This is one of the best location to visit in Geraldton WA Australia, right on beach front a perfect spot to meet nature and fun at the same time.

A place where visitors can calm mind and refreshen soul by breathe taking waves of Indian Ocean, Australia is famous for many natural wonders and also known for the awesome sunsets. At Sunset Beach Holiday Park visitors can enjoy the sun set in the ocean making spectacular scenery

Sunset Beauty

As sun sets, sky presents different and charming beauty that seems to be magical, Big4 sunset beach park is famous because of its beautiful sunset view that people never witness before. Sky presents different colours that left everlasting and charming memories, wether visitors are enjoying this scene from their residence or beach this charming sunset is delight to witness.

Accommodations that Suites Everyone

Big4 park understand that every traveler has different needs and interest, thats why this park offers different residence options for everyone like cabins near ocean that provide excellent ocean views. For those people who like camping this park offers excellent camping options, walking up with sound of waves and beautiful views of sun rise will make unforgettable memories and experience.

Adventures on Big4 Sunset Beach Holiday Park

For adventure seekers and travelers this park is one of the best location for them, they can find tropical hiking spots that passes through green coastal areas that can reveal hidden places and stunning view points that can make trip ore charming. People can take part in exciting activities in park or beach like making sand castle on beach and can also enjoy diving and swimming in ocean.

Beautiful Sceneries

Visitors can discover breathe taking sunsets which will leave unforgettable marks on their minds and souls. Walking with sound of waves while holding the hand of your love ones will be beautiful and peaceful moments people had ever dreamed of. At this destination visitors can find more than just water, if they are nature lover this is a beautiful destination for them that will connect them with nature.

Here everyone can find his subject of interest, whether he is a nature lover or a keen fisherman, love to enjoy sunsets or wild flower enthusiast people can find their subject of interest. If people are dreaming for destination where they can stay along beach, can hear the sound of the waves then Sunset Beach Holiday Park is a perfect spot. If people are thinking for a beautiful romantic night with a glass of wine in hand and a sound of water waves in ears, Indian Ocean is a perfect spot to make visitor’s moments beautiful and unforgettable.

sunset beach holiday park


Those people who avoid going out for trips because they have pet and can not leave their pet alone the Sunset Beach Holiday park is best destination for them. The good thing about this destination is they allow cats and dogs, and have a very trained and friendly staff.

Trip to Geraldton WA

This place is not about beauty of beaches, if visitors love to explore history or they have a keen interest to explore the historical sites they can have their cup of tea as they are 6.4 km far from Western Australian Museum. Geraldton offers more to explore, from Sunset Beach Holiday park they are only 10 minutes drive to an old Geraldton Gaol Craft Centre, Museum and Geraldton Regional Art gallery. 

Services at Big4 Sunset Beach Holiday Park

Let’s talk about services of Sunset Beach Holiday Park thatthey are providing, Sunset beach holiday park is a best vacation destination because they have good services, people can enjoy comfort and good environment. Visitors are provided by best services like clean cabins, bathroom and some units are also provided with kitchens. The beds are comfortable where people can relax from tiresome of whole day and can boost themselves for next adventure.

Their services fulfil visitors needs and demands, visitors enjoy good services like cabins are provided with TV , a microwave , a toaster additional amenities include barbecue grills and fridge for visitors. Their services fulfil visitors expectations and customers have access to the wireless internet. If we talk about the outdoor services visitors are provided with outdoor pool, a picnic area and many others services which will surely make their trip perfect.

At Sunset beach holiday park has more  services than expectations of visitors, this destination is near from supermarket and has close drive to town, this destination is a perfect holiday spot where people can make delightful and charming memories.

Food Points Near Sunset Beach Holiday Park

For those people who are food lovers they can find the best food places near Sunset beach holiday park.

Gone Fishing for Fish and Chips

Address: 547 Chapman Road, Geraldton, Western Australia.

This food point is 0.5 km from Sunset beach holiday park, the best fish and chips in Geraldton is near Sunset beach holiday park. If visitors are Fish lover who loves to eat prawns, seafood sticks, sea scallops, calamari they can find excellent taste here. At this restaurant people not only find best seafood but find best service. Atmosphere is good just like their taste and service, the seafood is their cuisine here people can find best fish and chips to suites their taste buds.

Noodle king 

1.5 km from Sunset beach holiday park Noodle king can offer the best Chinese & Asian cuisines. If visitors are lover of such cuisine then they can have nice meal at great prices. Lunch specials offers a great deal a big portion as well. 

Geraldton Turkish kitchen

Address: 11 Chapman Rd shop 1, Geraldton, Western Australia 

If people are obsessed with Turkish and Lebanese cuisine then in Geraldton Turkish kitchen is heaven for them, they can find the best food and taste that can meet their standards. This restaurant offers breakfast lunch and dinner, here people can find the excellent taste and the services. Wether visitors are dining with their family or friends this place is perfect fo them, visitors will surely love their food and cuisine.

The staff is friendly and helpful not only their services at restaurant are good but they also offers the best take away services.

Delicious on Green

Address: 1.3 km 16 street At Spalding, Geraldton, Western Australia.

It is at short drive from Sunset beach holiday park, If visitors are pure vegetarian there’s no need to worry only 1.3 km from sunset beach holiday park there is delicious on Green, where you can find best vegetarian cuisine. They offer the Asian cuisines, with the best food and services. 

They have the variety of items in menu so that the customers and the families can choose food that suites their taste buds. Visitors have variety of options to choose from, this is one of the best food point for the vegetarians or the Asian cuisine lovers near the Sunset holiday beach park.

Red Roaster

1.4 km from the sunset beach holiday park on Green Street ,Geraldton , Western Australia well famous red roaster is located. If visitors have a craving for best chicken then Red roster is a perfect food place where they can find best chicken chips and gravy. It offers excellent food for dining with the family at good prices and is near Sunset Beach Hotel.

L’Italian restaurant 

Address: 204 Marine Tce, Geraldton, Western Australia.

If visitors are pizza lover then this is a perfect food place to eat the best Italian cuisine. They offer the special diets including the vegetarian friendly ,vegan options, gluten free options. The food is all made locally, with a good taste. 

Bello Italiano

Bluff point shopping centre , Western Australia. 1.4 km from Sunset beach holiday park. If visitors are searching for Italian cuisine they can find the best here, they can come to try something new and absolutely best. Their food is good and it is food point near from the sunset holiday park.

The the next destination added to the list is a restaurant in Geraldton which is 5km away from Sunset beach holiday park but is a beautiful food place visitors can explore

Skeetas Restaurant and cafe

Foreshore Dr, Geraldton, Western Australia. 

If people are looking for waterside restaurant to make their dining experience more joyful then this is really a good destination. People can find good meal at skeetas with a good environment at waterside ,make your evening beautiful in Geraldton.

People can try seafood and meat or other food they like, they can find a really nice staff and good atmosphere there and can also find other good food places near Geraldton.

Museum near Sunset Beach Holiday Park

sunset beach holiday park

For people who love history there is destination worth exploring near Sunset beach holiday park. Museum  offers gateway for visitors to enter the history of the area, visitors can discover all stories they hear about history of this land. The museum of Geraldton is really a good place to visit with family and with children, the good thing about the Museum is that the entry is free. People can explore history without spending money. 

The museum have fantastic gallery , people can visit fantastic shipwreck gallery and also feature the story of world war 2, the Museum displays a 3D film all day which is a best part for visiting the Museum. Geraldton is home of HMO Sydney Australian memorial. Not only this Museum gains the attention of history lovers, But is a informative visit for all the visitors.

Thoughts on Sunset Beach Holiday Park

Sunset beach holiday park is more than just a vacation spot it is a gateway to the perfect beauty and wonders of nature. People can enjoy on beach and can witness beauty of ocean and sunset, they can make experience unforgettable and delightful.

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