April 21, 2024
best things to do in Gatlinburg tennessee
Best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee, A charming mountain town that is home to many beautiful places and adventurous activities,

It is located in iconic Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg Tennessee is charming mountain town that is home to many beautiful places and amazing activities. This iconic place with its charming natural atmosphere and adventures attract many visitors throughout the world, in this article we are going to explore 10 best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee which can make your trip extraordinary and charming. 

Image best things to do in Gatlinburg tennessee

As you walk in relaxing streets of Gatlinburg this iconic place mixes beauty and charm of mountains in your traveling experience, best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee varies from many outdoor adventures to exploring culture and soul of city. We will find the hidden gems which make Gatlinburg Tennessee one of the best place to visit in southeastern United States.

10 Best Things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Iconic National Park in Gatlinburg Tennessee

One of the best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee is exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park it is place famous for iconic views. It is spread across 500000 acres and is in list of most biodiverse national parks in United States, this park got it’s name from fog that covers peak of mountains.

Natural Wonder 

This park is famous for its charming natural views and wonders that include dense old forests, waterfalls and green valleys that provide magical atmosphere, as you go deep in Great Smoky Mountains National Park you will find yourself surrounded by variety of Trees and wildlife, it is home to wildlife including black bears, deers and many species of birds.

Best Hiking Trails 

This park has some famous and most beautiful hiking trails that can make your experience unique and memorable, hiking on these trails is among best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Laurel Fall trail is one of the best trail that goes to famous and iconic waterfall, Alum Cave trail offers exciting views and natural wonders that enhances your trip experience. 

Newfound Gap Road 

Newfound Gap Road is drive full of natural wonders that passes through Great Smoky Mountains National Park this drive has many viewpoints famous of them are Morton Overlook and Clingmans Dom Road.

Explore Ober Gatlinburg

Exploring Gatlinburg is one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee as it is located in high Smoky Mountains and offers many exciting activities. Ober Gatlinburg offers exciting opportunity for many winter outdoor adventures and competition of wild animals that is why exploring Ober Gatlinburg is one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee. 

Annual Activities and Fun

Weather and season does not affect fun and recreational opportunities, like in winters this place transforms in snow wonderland and attract snowboarders and is best place to enjoy winter adventures. As Spring and Summer arrives this place becomes realm of summer fun and activities, people who love wildlife came here to see wildlife they can see oaters, deers, birds and even black bear. 

Iconic Aerial Tramway Ride

Best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee includes iconic aerial tramway ride it takes you to the resort on peak of mountain from city. As you go up you will see beautiful views and iconic green smoky mountains as you reach at the top views become more charming and amazing. It is the way that offers magical experience as you reach the top you will find many culinary delights, boutiques and arcade that offers recreation opportunity for everyone.

Wether you are outdoor adventurer, wildlife lover or enjoy mountain escape, exploring Ober Gatlinburg is best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Visit Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies


Another best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee is water adventure and fun at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies this attraction offers exciting adventures and exhibitions, that will help you discover exciting secrets of underwater realm and make your experience charming and memorable. 

Charm and Delight of Underwater World

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is gateway to exciting and charming underwater world waiting to be explored as you step foot in this aquarium you will see wonders and beauty of marine life. There are many marine life species like jelly fish, sharks and seahorses etc, these exhibitions are carefully design to copy marine life that offers beautiful experience. There is under ocean tunnel made with help of transparent tank beneath water that is surrounded by beautiful and amazing marine life. 

Glass Bottom Boat Tour 

Ripley’s Aquarium offers exciting adventures that are beyond ordinary, best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee include glass bottom boat tour and penguin encounters. You can see these birds in their natural accommodation where they swim this is exciting and educational experience that entertains people of all ages. For those people who are seeking under water adventures this place offers glass bottom boat tour this tour offers exciting opportunity to explore charm and delight of underwater realm.

Explore Gatlinburg Space Needle

Gatlinburg Space Needle is exciting historic mark that offers visitors to witness beauty and charm of Gatlinburg from height, there is 407 feet observation tower that has family friendly atmosphere. Reaching at Gatlinburg Space Needle is like entering in other world there is glass lift that takes you to height, when you step foot on observation deck you are welcomed by beautiful view. 

This place offers exciting view wether you go in sun to visit or in night to see beautiful lights of the city this place offers amazing experience that will leave permanent marks on your memory. Exploring this place is best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee for families because of its family friendly environment there is beautiful arcade that is best place for kids and adults. 

Reach Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Image Hiking Trail

Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is hidden gem located in Smoky Mountains, exploring this trail is one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee this trail offers exciting and charming experience of nature that is easily reachable and beneficial. There is drive way full of natural wonders, wildlife, historic buildings and trails exploring all these places is consider as best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Scenic Drive and Iconic Wildlife Spotting Points

As you go on Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail you will find why this place is loved by nature lovers and all visitors, this narrow road passes through old forest that offers beautiful views of natural wonders in this place this journey has charming experience. There are many opportunities to see wildlife in this trail you can see white tail deer, black bears and many species of birds that lives here.

Historic Sites On Trail

Roaring Fork motor Natural Trail is pathway that passes from various historic buildings like log cabins, grist mills and barns that give us charming sight of people that sets on mountains. For those people who love hiking or outdoor adventures there is iconic Grotto Fall trail that goes to beautiful waterfall it is refreshing and satisfying experience that will make your trip more beautiful.

Gatlinburg SkyBridge Adventure

When it is about amazing experiences and beautiful views Gatlinburg SkyBridge is considered as on of the best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee, it also takes central spot in Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg Skybridge is not just a bridge for pedestrians it is wonder of engineering that it is spread over ravine for 680 ft. It is 150 ft higher and is one of the longest bridge in North America, passing this bridge is adventure itself as you passes this bridge there are magical views that enhances your trip experience.

To enjoy your trip and take benefit of this place, must visit Gatlinburg SkyLift it is open air lift will slowly takes you to the top of Crockett Mountain where Skybridge is located. After reaching skybridge continue your adventure with SkyTrail this beautiful hiking trail takes you to the natural wonders and charm of these mountains.

Dollywood Theme Park

Exploring theme park is always best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee, Dollywood is more than just theme park it is proof of creativity and spirit of America. It has many adventurous activities like ride of rollercoaster, live recreations and many refreshing water points, Dollywood is like a dream that was created by legendary country music star Dolly Parton. As you walk through the gates of Dollywood you will enter the world of modern theme park that spread joy and entertains people of every age.

Image Roller coaster

Warm hospitality of north and star power of Dolly is everywhere, Dollywood fulfils desire of visitors people of every age can fin their interest in this park. People who love adventure will enjoy the best rollercoaster there is famous Thunderhead wooden coaster and iconic Lightning Rod. There is also opportunity of live entertainment there are many shows held in park that include bluegrass and broadway type production, these shows display musical culture of this place.

When sun is shining on Tennessee you can enjoy on waterside that provide refreshing escape from sun, there are many water activities that can make your trip cool and exciting.

Anakeesta Adventure Park

Located on top of Smoky Mountains Anakeesta is adventure park that offers visitors natural beauty, activities and recreational opportunities. Anakeesta is place where adventure is peaceful, journey starts when you ascend mountain by Chondola Ride or Ridge Rambler as you reach the top you are welcomed by green atmosphere. Best things to do in Gatlinburg Tennessee include TreeTop Skywalk at Anakeesta this will help you see different birds this is relaxing and joyful experience.

Beauty of Anakeesta is enhanced due to its gardens, Vista Gardens is no doubt a gardening marvel you can walk on beautiful pathways and witness view of beautiful mountains. There is also excellent opportunity for shopping lovers there are boutiques, unique shops and stores that contain handcrafted jewellery by local artisans. Anakeesta is more than adventure park it is heaven for people that offers many beautiful experiences and views that can make your trip special.

Thoughts on Best Things To Do In Gatlinburg Tennessee

Located in heart of Smoky Mountains Gatlinburg Tennessee is must visit destination that offers natural wonders, adventurous activities and cultural beauty. This place is perfect destination where you can enjoy peace and beauty of nature it has places like Smoky Mountains National Park with old forests and waterfalls. You can view natural charm from height from place like Space needle and can also enjoy many adventures that is why Gatlinburg is perfect place for you to visit.