June 18, 2024
Bimini beaches Image
Bimini beach in Bahamas is very close to Florida. It is closest Caribbean Island to United States.

Beach fun are my favourite adventures. I love walking on sand in a sunny day along ocean. Bimini Beach is famous throughout the world. There are also white sand beaches that are very famous. Bimini beach is usually crowded by tourists. However, with proper guidance you can find secret spots on Bimini beach that can make your trip more exciting.

Bimini beaches Image

Bimini beach in Bahamas is very close to Florida it is indeed closest Caribbean Island to United States of America. The best way to reach Bimini Beaches is ferry from Miami to Bimini which take almost two hours. Bahamas is Country famous for its beaches, water, and chain of over 700 islands located between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. 

10 Best Things to do in Bimini Beach

There are many things to do in Bimini beach. Wether you are looking to enjoy Bimini day trip or exploring Spona shipwreck. I take ferry to visit this beautiful heaven on Earth. Here is my list of 10 best things to do to add additional thrill to your experience. 

1. Beautiful White Sand Beaches 

Bimini is famous for its beautiful and captivating white sand beaches. I love exploring Radio Beach it is most famous white sand beach located in North Bimini. It has all facilities that can make your day. There are many snacks bar that will keep hunger away. 

Blister Beach is one of the best Bimini Beaches for adventure lovers. I love snorkeling in Blister beach. Beautiful white sand beach with beauty of marine life under water is truly amazing.

2. Exploring Spona Shipwreck 

Spona is famous landmark on Bimini beach with interesting history. It was sold to a private buyer. The owner turn Spona in container that increase illegal rum running business. Hurricane damage it badly that it cannot be repaired. Then it was given back to the government.

Now it stand as one of the best place for scuba divers and snorkelers. I recommend you to enjoy snorkeling at Spona Shipwreck to make your trip more beautiful. 

3. Swim with Dolphins in Bimini Beaches 

I love dolphins that is why swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat is added to this list. I recommend snorkelers and adventure or nature enthusiasts to must consider swimming with dolphins in Bimini beaches. Team at Big Game Club will provide you snorkel gear and will take you to this amazing adventure. 

It is captivating sight to swim with dolphins dancing with waves in their natural habitat. This adventure will surely left permanent marks on your memory.

4. Fishing in Bimini Beaches 

Bimini is also known as fishing capital of the world. Bimini and its surrounding hold 50 record setting catches. Many people love fishing just like me. I enjoy fishing in different places. Their are many fishing options in Bimini. I will recommend you to go deep sea fishing.

Their are many other options of fishing like reef fishing, bone fishing, offshore fishing and more. For fishing I will recommend whole day or half day tour. Guide will show you some best fishing points on the island.

5. Discover The Lost City of Atlantis   

For adventure lovers scuba diving in clear water of Bimini is one of the best thing to do. Thrill of adventure increases when you discover lost city of Atlantis beneath the sea. 

In 1968 pilot notice some unusual formation in Bimini. Many divers and geologists took sample of area taking it as lost city of Atlantis. Test were found inconclusive but due to international coverage, tourists attraction increases. The debate about formation is still inconclusive wether it is natural or man made but exploring this place is no doubt one of the best things to do in Bimini beaches.

6. Afternoon at Honeymoon Harbour Beach 

I don’t know why this beach is known as Honeymoon Harbour Beach but this name fits amazingly. This beach has most turquoise water and is only accessed by boat or jet ski. 

Local people or fishermen will provide you transport. 

7. Bimini Beaches Watersports 

Bimini is famous for its watersports options like windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and many more that make this place heaven for adventure enthusiasts. 

Best thing about Bimini beaches is most resorts provide free rental for most of activities. However there are many companies that rent out equipments. 

8. Bimini Beach Club 

We visit Bimini Beach Club it is beautiful beachfront club. You can relax on this calm and beautiful beachside club. There are not much beach clubs on island which are open for public. Bimini Beach Club is open for public and is one of the best place of Bimini beaches.

9. Porgy Bay Beach 

Porgy Bay Beach is known as one of the best Bimini Beaches. I visit Shark Mound located close to Porgy bay beach. It is landmark with raise section of land making it look like shark in water. The best way to see this beautiful view is to fly by a seaplane. 

10. Spooky Hill Beach 

Spook Hill Beach is another famous and iconic beach for those who do not like deep water. Name of this beach is derived from its location next to cemetery. It has snack bar and many other facilities.

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Personal Recommendation 

I enjoyed a lot on Bimini beaches they are best destination for people looking beach fun. Beautiful white sand beaches of Bimini make trip exciting. Bimini beaches are known as heaven for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and people looking for beach fun. North side of Bimini has long stretch of beach that run from one end to another. I recommend you to must visit Bimini beaches to enjoy captivating sights and unlimited fun.