July 15, 2024
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Best summer vacation spots in the US California, western U.S state of wondrous Redwood forest, cliff-lined beaches ,a land of incredible mountains.

Vacations ,perfect time to escape from tiresome and enter a World of adventure . As we are going to explore best summer vacation spots in the US California, western U.S state of wondrous Redwood forest, cliff-lined beaches ,a land of incredible mountains. National park in California is a adventurous destination to explore. The Giant forest located in northernmost coastal California near Oregon Border is a perfect destination for those who loves to explore incredible Nature and a natural scenic beauty of nature. 

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Are You Looking for Best Summer Vacation Spots In the US California?


Best summer vacation spots in the US, California is the most famous state of US it is well known its beauty and spots that this state offers to visitors, some of the  best summer vacation spots in the US California are

  • San Diego
  •  San Francisco 
  • LosAngeles
  • Laguna Beach 
  • Redwood National park 
  • Sequoia National Park Napa valley
  • Santa Maria Valley 

Love To Explore Nature

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The giant forest Sequoia National Park and Redwood National Park is a perfect destination for you, include popular trails.

Looking For Fun

Los Angeles is city of fun and best summer vacation spots in the US California it have many beaches, sceneries and museums for visitors.

Is It Affordable?

Many museums offers free entry in the world of great experience and joy, these best summer vacation spots in the US California. This will be affordable and peaceful trip with us. Summer had arrived and people are on holidays these days are perfect to have fun in the Los Angeles the most vibrant and satisfying city of California.

Laguna beach is home to many beach front resorts and room for travellers and visitors in the city of California, this city is one of the best summer vacation spots in the US. In Laguna city there is more than just beaches visitors can explore more than just beaches like hiking trails and art exhibition is thing that make your trip excited and enjoyable.

California Has Best Summer Vacation Spots in the US to Visit

California is one of the best place to visit in July , the perfect combination of the summer and the water makes the summer cool and joyful California is a state well known for its scenic beauty and outdoor adventurous. This will make your summer trip of California unforgettable with a lot of fun and enjoyment. If you are looking for perfect spot then at these to your list to have a memorable trip of California. 

Big Sur

best summer vacation spots in the us

There are some best summer vacation spots in the US California. Firstly add Big Sur to your list Is a perfect summer vacation fun with a trill of adventurous hiking trails and outdoor activities. Is bordered from east by Mountains and west by Pacific Ocean. Is a heaven located off the famous Pacific highway near carmel valley is known for its sea side cliffs ,hiking trails and state parks for hiking and adventures and fun ,all makes it a best summer vacation spots in the US.

Big Sur is surely a home to unmatched scenic beauty which is rare to find anywhere else. Which is the perfect time to visit this heaven on earth! If your mind is clicking this question then April – May and September- October is a perfect time to enjoy it’s best peace and beauty ,this season there you will meet more than your expectations. 

Carmel-by-the- Sea


If you want to avoid summer rash and looking for peaceful relaxing place to spend your summer and freshen up your soul then this is a perfect spot .Its just 1.5 hours Away from San Francisco in South ,this small city is a best summer spot for those who are tired of noise of big cities and want to take breathe into natural and open pure environment where you can sunbathe while enjoying beauty of this small town with beauty of nature and calm your mind and freshen your soul with the waves of Carmel sea.

Not only Carmel is about this there’s much to explore if you love art then on famous Carmel ocean avenue you will find art galleries . If you love summer festive then this Carmel valley is perfect vacation spot where you can enjoy good summer festive and become a part of Annual Carmel Art festive, It is one of the best summer vacation spots in the US California.

June lake

June lake is located in Eastern Sierra is one of the best summer vacation spots in the US California to visit during summer. One of the most beautiful spot to visit during vacation is June lake . If you love camping then this is the best place for you where you can do camping could be a great fun ,one of the best thing you can do here is swimming.

You can do hiking there and enjoy the nick beauty of this beautiful June like and you can explore the near areas this perfect combination of summer days and and such a destination where you can do more then just visiting going to be a great fun. 

let’s drive to next best summer vacation spots in the US to make your summer memorable, joyful and surely a beautiful experience with your love one’s.

Mammoth lakes


California is a home to many lakes but the beauty of mammoth lakes is unforgettable ,is not only limited to backpack fishing ,hiking mountains biking and climb to the highest peaks there’s much more to explore ,you can hike to the beautiful lakes and this gonna be the best adventurous tour you had ever experienced. This is Obvious that I’m not going to mention all those destinations you can explore there but all the destination will surely be hell beautiful. 


Another name of beauty and attraction is this piece of heaven ,located on the north coast of California is one of the best place to visit in California. The reason why you should add this to your list is its scenic beauty with the optimise temperate weather all though its beautiful and attractive all year along but in summer day light and lengthy days there’s much time to explore.

Visit to this north coast of California Mendocino is joyful for tourist of all ages. This place for summer days is perfect where you can find many outdoors activities and explore state parks near Mendocino is really a fun .Walk the coastal trail to enjoy the summer and the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean can make your days more beautiful and memorable.

Other than its beauty and adventures you can find Opportunities to spot wildlife there. In a single ticket you can find much there in the north, you can visit Glass Beach to meet the unmatched beauty where you find sparkling coloured glass pieces on the beach.


In the town, with its peace and attraction you can also find art and other spots to make your experience more joy able, you can find the pretty streets there to admire the architecture, and visit a museum and get a chance to learn more about the history of the area. Mendocino is home to charm and beauty. A town where you can find great places to eat and drinks, and is one of the most recommended and best summer vacation spots in the US California.

Bay Area, California

Beautiful hilly city of San Francisco. Bay area is a beautiful combination of nature and a wonderful city. Summer is the best time to visit this beautiful city although it’s a beautiful destination to visit all around. San Francisco during vacation is a beautiful destination to explore with many fun activities such as exploring the lovely Golden Gate Park, cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge is really a fun in this beautiful city. 


San Francisco is one of the prettiest city in the world. Let us explore more about this beautiful destination love by tourist. 

San Diego is home of beaches. Want to see heaven of beaches then California is a best place to visit. San Diego is a best place for those who are looking for a beach spot to make their summer memorable. If you love beaches then it’s time to start driving into this city of beaches. San Diego is no doubt one of the best summer vacation spots in the US.

Hotel Del Coronado is an oldest and the second largest wood building in children in US this hotel of San Diego is a best place to stay in U.S where you can go for shopping an where you’ll find best food it’s one of the best place where you will find best restaurants and the Cultural food.

Hotel del Coronado is the best place if you’re dreaming for beautiful view from your window. The Coronado beach which is exactly in front of hotel Del Coronado is most beautiful view dream by beach lovers 

Are you looking for lavish hotel in san Diego! Then Hotel Del Coronado is it best place for you to stay in San Diego where celebrities and the Hollywood stars stays whenever they visited sand to go there first choice is hotel Del Coronado. 

Image Hotel Del Coronado

The Coronado beach which is exactly in front of hotel Del Coronado makes it a perfect spot for vacations. 

San Diego with its large structure of sand is popular for its beauty make speech more beautiful during summer and year – round. San Diego is a great place if you are looking for nice spot for summer fun and if you want to spend your holidays amazing where you can visit museums for free, a best place to enjoy your holidays with family. Walking around downtown exploring Orange Street is really a fun where you can scroll shopping and cultural food.

Exploring Zoo

The World famous San Diego zoo is ranked first in the world famous zoos, is another destination for tourists who love to explore wildlife and wishes to see a wide array of wildlife from around the world. San Diego zoo is well known for its lush, naturalistic habitats and unique animal encounters and his home to more than three thousand seven hundred rare and endanger animal.

Zoo not only keep more than hundred species of animal but also keep Botanical collection with more than 700,000 plants. it is one of the best summer vacation spots in the US that provide visitors delightful experience.


Wants to explore wildlife the best zoos exist in California In the list of best zoo ,the San Diego zoo is listed one of the biggest zoo in California located in Balboa park home to exotic creatures. San Diego zoo safari park is another adventurous place in Southern California.

This city has the best zoo and adventurous places to explore The best zoo located in San Diego one of the best summer vacation spots in the US CA is another reason why you should visit San Diego. Another best summer vacation spots in the US in Northern California

Monterey Bay Aquarium 

Want to spend a day full of fun and love to do new Discovery’s, then must visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The age figure doesn’t matter even if you’re a kid or a grownup, visitors of all ages love to see and explore the diverse marine life, including different creatures of nature sea otters, penguins and the world’s largest octopus. This is what Northern California is famous for. 

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California is also famous for its largest aquarium this might be the best marine experience from the shirts to other seas species including octopus and other creatures of marine life this aquarium of the Pacific features , this is another reason of the attraction to visitor each year. It’s  noted that Monterey bay aquarium attract 1.7 million visitors each year, this aquarium is all about the marine life of the Pacific Ocean is another attraction for tourist. it is also one of the best summer vacation spots in the US.

Other than its exhibits, this aquarium and its marine life offers avoid range of educational opportunities such as they have their own aquatic life veterinary program this is another wonder why California is always a centre of attraction by many of the tourist. Beside the most interactive learning programs, this allows visitor to watch surgeries and animal examinations and walk to aquarium to see the marine life who loved to explore marine life.

One of the best summer vacation spots in the US the California is this visit it by money of the visitor each year as is aquarium host art exhibits performances those who have interest on the marine life explorers the how the big sharks are how the reproduce and their role in the oceans food chain and terrace much more to explore in this aquarium.

In the Northern Pacific gallery visitor fine animals which are unique and the gained Pacific octopus and other unique creature that live in the Chilly Bering sea. 

Big Basin Redwoods State Park 

Big Basin Redwoods is another destination that is considered one of the best summer vacation spots in the US California, the oldest state park and is home to ancient coast redwoods that are more than 50 feet around. The magnificent redwood groves are an amazing sight to explore for those who love to explore nature, the park also offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean which makes it a centre of attraction for many of visitors. 

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Interested to explore the historical towns! Then California is well now for some of the historical dance with their high scenic beauty and are centre of attraction for tourist there is much to explore an experience Are you looking for adventure with a twist of history then California has best summer vacation spots in the US  to visit with all its adventures and beauty it has much more to explore and known as one of the best summer vacation spots in the US.

High Sierra 

High Sierra is the best place for you for adventurous seekers is a best path to explore,Where you will find lovely waterfalls high sierra is a place known for its beauty during Spring and for its colourful wild flowers in summer make this town a beautiful and attractive destination for tourist. Almost in all the seasons this town presents the colours of nature.Is really a beautiful place to visit. 

In winter the snowfall makes the trip adventurous, thus this town is a beautiful destination for tourists throughout the year. High Sierra is the great snowy range of California let’s talk about some of the fact about this mountain range of state of California is the home to national parks and monuments. Sierra Nevada in California is wealthiest place well now in history.When it comes to mountain ranges in the California it’s one of the best summer vacation spots in the US to explore and love by tourist. 


The discovery of gold in foot hill’s of Sierra Nevada is a great mark of history the many town there had transformed into great vacations destination and state parks. 

There you will find the historic town with a twist of thrill. Lets talk about a historic town of Bodie located in Eastern Sierra in Mono country, is a ghost town of the wild west. Where you will find Bodie state historic park of California. 

Thoughts On Best Summer Vacation Spots in the US California

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Summer is not just about season with it comes days of joy and entertainment people can visit different places and can go with family on the vacation. These best summer vacation spots in the US are the best places to visit and explore in California, these spots can take you to the realm of joy and fun. these places are delight to go for all type of solo travellers, family trips and romantic couple outing it is most beautiful destinations. these best summer vacation spots in the us promise to give people exciting and entertainment.

California Department of Park and Recreation

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