June 18, 2024
Image Disney World Magic kingdom rides
12 Best Magic Kingdom Rides 1. Space Mountain 2. Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Haunted Mansion 4. Splash Mountain 5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disney World Magic Kingdom rides are known as heaven for adventure lovers and are located at Disney World Magic kingdom in centre of Orlando Florida, This place is considered as a place where dreams comes true and is gateway for world of magical experiences that can make your trip memorable and exciting. This huge theme park is part of Disney world resort that is entertaining people of every ages for many years, this is a place where magic floats in air and memories of childhood never fade away.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Rides

Entering in world of Magic kingdom is like stepping foot in realm where time stops and tensions or hassle of daily routine fades away. The heart of this iconic place is Cinderella Castle that attract many visitors because of its architectural marvel it has charming spires that promises that your journey is exciting, joyful and entertaining. Magic kingdom is not just about beautiful attractions it is about laughter, joy and making memorable memories.

Disney World Magic kingdom rides

Disney World Magic Kingdom rides is place where you can travel with pirates, can have dinner with princes, can explore haunted mansions and can also witness iconic fireworks that lights up the sky at night. It is place where adults become child again and children can enjoy with their favourite Disney characters and can enjoy on Disney World Magic Kingdom rides.

1. Space Mountain

Image Cinderella Castle Disney

Located in Tomorrow land in Disney, Space mountain is famous for providing exciting adventure and thrill to your trip it is an adventurous ride that can take you in space. The thing that make Space mountain famous is that it is roller coaster in dark when you sit in this roller coaster you feel like sitting in space ship. When rides start you go up in the darkness you cannot see anything around except stars that feels like you are traveling in space.

Darkness make this ride more adventurous because you are not aware of any turn or drop, this roller coaster goes at speed of 28 miles per hour. Best feature of space mountain is it offers different experience every time you try, you cannot guess what is coming thats why it is exciting experience and one of the best Disney world Magic Kingdom rides. 

Space mountain is present from 1975 it is first roller caster of its kind, in 2009 Disney add special feature in space mountain that you can control music during ride and can also control pace of music.

Pirates Ship

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the most iconic ride in Disney World Magic Kingdom rides is Pirates of the Caribbean this ride is about pirates their ships and their adventures on high seas. As you step foot on this ride you will feel your self in times when oceans where ruled by pirates you will sit on ship this ship will takes you through many dark and exiting places. You will see ships of pirates, hidden caves and you will visit city of pirates it seems like your are traveling in world of pirates. 

Ride is full of thrills some time ship passes through waterfall and you can get wet but don’t worry it is part of adventure, the best thing about this Disney world Magic kingdom rides is pirates they seems like real pirates but they are not real they are animatronic they can talk, sing and can fire cannons. Pirates sings amazing songs that make experience more entertaining and exciting this ride is perfect for people of every age.

3. Haunted Mansion

Another best ride at Disney World Magic Kingdom rides is spooky place known as Haunted Mansion it is old house full of ghosts and thrills. This house attract many visitors because of thrilling and adventurous experience this Disney World Magic Kingdom rides has to offer. When you enter in this haunted mansion you see a room that seems to be extending but it is not extending it is just a vision then you sits on special ride known as Doom Buggy it is like a small black car that passes you through this haunted house.

On doom buggy you will visit many spooky places and see many ghostly things like there is bridge and ballrooms where ghosts are dancing. Some friendly ghosts will try to ride with you on doom buggy there are many funny ghosts that tell you jokes during ride it is spooky but it is very entertaining. The best thing about this ride is it is spooky and funny you will see many haunted places with funny twist that can make experience charming and exciting.

4. Splash Mountain

It is one of the most iconic rides in Disney World Magic Kingdom rides, it is located in heart of Frontierland in Disney world it is exciting water adventure that is waiting for all those people who want to get cool in warm weather. It is not jus a ride it is journey to southern Bayou, as you reach close to the Splash mountain you will see its charming facade. Adventure starts when you get on hollow lodge and get yourself ready to travel to the world of Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox and Br’er bear.

You will pass through peaceful view of Bayou and find many singing animatronic that sucks with you long after ride ends it starts when you follow Br’er Rabbit to escape from Br’er fox and Br’er bear. The climax came when you reach near Chickapin hill with beautiful waterfalls as you ascend this mountain curiosity builds but suddenly you take plunge down the mountain sudden jump makes large splash.

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Image Roller coaster

One of the best ride among all Disney World Magic Kingdom rides is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that is waiting to take you in old west. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is not just a rollercoaster it is exciting experience that takes you through caves, canyons and turns. As you see Big thunder it will give sight of time when old west was famous by Gold rush it feels like you step foot in city with old caves with mine trains.

As you get on your mine train you will feel like you are in middle of gold rush adventure one of the best feature of this Big thunder (one of the best Disney world magic kingdom rides) is whole family can enjoy this adventure thats why it is best option for people of every age. It is also one of the best option for kids who are trying rollercoaster for first time in family friendly environment of this ride you can make exciting memories with your family.

As you are starting your journey on mine train don’t forget to witness beautiful natural views in surrounding this ride offers exciting views of Frontierland America seas and Cinderella castle. These views make adventure more exciting and magical that make you enjoy beauty of park with adventurous thrill.

6. It’s a Small World

In Fantasyland land of Disney world Magic Kingdom an extraordinary experience is present it is one of the best ride at Disney World Magic Kingdom Rides known as It’s a Small World. It is not just a boat ride but it shows beauty and wonders of the world as you travel on this famous boat you will go into the magical world that unite many nations. As you step foot on It’s a Small World you are surrounded by colours and different cultures it represents beauty and charm of world you will face many children and animal from every corner of world that live peacefully here.

As your boats travel slowly through the attraction you will see many views that are tribute to tradition and cultural beauty of different nations like Eiffel Tower in France and Taj Mahal. The thing that make this ride exciting and best of all Disney world Magic Kingdom rides is its magical sound track that take you into the world of magic there are beautiful animatronic dolls that represent children throughout the worlds.

7. Enchanted Tiki Room

It is located under the palm trees in Disney World Magic Kingdom this is one of the best adventures at Disney World Magic Kingdom rides that is waiting to take you in world of magic. Enchanted Tiki Room is not just a attraction it is delightful experience that takes you in magical world full of singing birds and animatronic displays. As you step foot in Enchanted Tiki Room you will feel yourself in peaceful and satisfying environment you will sit in comfortable and air conditioned theatre show begins with macaws toucans and other international birds.

These animatronic birds not only sings but also tell jokes Enchanted Tiki Room is famous for many tikis another feature for this Disney Wold Magic Kingdom rides is in hot days of Florida it gives cool and refreshing escape from sun. It is part of history of Disney world it was first open in 1963 in Disney land it was extraordinary display of audio animatronic that attract visitors. 

8. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh:

It is located in Fantasyland and is one one the best adventure of Disney World Magic Kingdom rides for those who love the world of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is not jus a ride it is a journey that helps you explore Milne’s classic tales this ride will take you to the world where friends are sweet and magic is everywhere. When you start your adventure on honey pot shape ride you will pass through beautiful views from many stories you will meet Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is famous because it is perfect ride for people of every age like children, adults and old age people it is family friendly ride that is best for kids. For people who love Winnie the Pooh this ride is full of classic tales this ride will help you to leave tensions and hassle of daily life and to make trip memorable and joyful. 

Disney World Magic Kingdom Rides

9. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

In the Fantasyland or Disney World the best mining adventure is waiting for all those who want to start journey with Snow White and seven dwarves it is one of the best ride among all Disney World Magic Kingdom rides. Seven Dwarfs Mine train is not just a rollercoaster it is extraordinary experience and a gateway to enter world of amazing characters who work hard in mine of gems. Adventure starts when you reach near mine of seven dwarfs this ride take you to the world of Snow White and seven dwarfs as you get on the mine train you will enter the realm of magic.

As mine train starts you will enjoy ride of roller coaster this ride is family friendly thats why it is perfect for visitors and families it is also best for kids and people who are trying rollercoaster first time. When you travel through mine train you will face dwarfs working hard in mine this modern animatronic technology helps you make experience entertaining and excited.

10. Peter Pan’s Flight

This ride is available at Fantasyland in Disney World Magic kingdom rides this is amazing adventure for all those people who want flight with Peter Pan. Peter Pan’s Flight is not just ride it is magical journey with Peter Wendy and lost boys above rooftops of London and beautiful world of Neverland. As you reach near this ride you will be captivated by J.M Berrie’s tale the facade of ride is like Darling’s family home in London when you enter you will sit on pirate ship like ride.

Your adventure starts when your flights passes through the lights and rooftops of London you all see many famous places of city and starry nights then your flight passes from ocean to enter the Neverland. When you passes through green forests, iconic waterfalls and charming views of Neverland then you will face characters of story like Tinker Bell, Caption Hook and Peter Pan whole atmosphere came alive with extraordinary animatronic works. This is consider the best ride at Disney World Magic Kingdom rides because of its carefully curated views and fun of Peter Pan and his friends.

11. Jungle Cruise

Image cruise ship

It is located in Adventureland at Disney world Magic Kingdom there is adventure that is waiting to take you to the one of best tour you ever have. Jungle Cruise is not just a ship it is funny journey with place where puns and punchlines flow like jungle river this trip is guided by funny caption they will make you laugh whole trip. As you start your journey on Jungle cruise you will find yourself surrounded by many wild animals like many monkeys and elephants these animals make your trip more exciting and entertaining. 

Detailing of graphics ensure that you will forget that you are in theme park the thing that make this Disney world Magic Kingdom rides unique of all is its funny guides who are also caption of ship. These captions are soul of this ride they will entertain you by telling you stories and making you laugh every caption bring different story in ride these story resemble the animatronic animals that you face during tour on Jungle Cruise.

12. Carousel of Progress

There is beautiful attraction in Tomorrowland at Disney World Magic Kingdom that represent charm of past, present and future, Carousel of Progress is not just a shoe it is one of the best adventure on Disney World Magic Kingdom rides it is delightful experience of 20th century. Step on this time traveling adventure and witness the charm of technology progress as you enter in the Carousal of progress you will find yourself in theatre that transport you through four different stages.

In this adventure of Disney world Magic kingdom ride you will follow story of family who navigate the transformation of every era like introduction of electricity and space missions  you can witness this progress of technology.

Thoughts on Disney World Magical Kingdom Rides

Disney World Magic Kingdom Rides attract visitors and provide them magical and extraordinary experience there are many famous and beautiful spots in Disney world like Cinderella Castle. This theme park is charming experience for people of every age as we have virtually explore 12 best Disney World Magic Kingdom rides we noticed that these rides are magical and can help you make your trip extraordinary and exciting.

Disney World Magic Kingdom rides promises extraordinary and charming experience for people of all ages Disney world is famous for its family friendly entertainment and environment. Wether you are adventure lover or traveling, world of peace and magic or like theme parks this Disney World Magic Kingdom rides will take you to your childhood and gives you everlasting and joyful experience, if you are looking for fun and adventure this place is considered one of the best location to enjoy with your family or friends.