May 27, 2024
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We will discuss best things to do Los Angeles. Journey of Los Angeles passes through beautiful and iconic point of Hollywood and include joyful and amazing Santa Monica beach.

Best things to do Los Angeles, beautiful and historic city of California state famous for its sunny beaches which meet attractive Hollywood. Los Angeles is full of historic cultures and artist who are soul of city, when visitors start journey in large and beautiful city of Los Angeles they understand that it is not just a destination it is best experience that fills joy and excitement in heart of traveller. Journey of Los Angeles passes through beautiful and iconic point of Hollywood and include joyful and amazing Santa Monica beach.

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Los Angeles is world of beauty, sceneries voices and experience that other places cannot provide, there are many famous places that are visited and loved by visitors, including these famous places there are many hidden gems in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is place where culture and development moves side by side, here people can hike on beautiful trails and get delighted by natural beauty. Beautiful smell of delicious meal lead visitors to joyful streets where options of food items are available that suites taste buds. Surrounding of Los Angeles is covered by beautiful and historic places like Beverley Hills and Koreatown that enhances beauty of city.

In this article we will discover top things to do Los Angeles, as people start journey in this city they experience beautiful hills, beaches and cultural paths that plays role in foundation of city. Top things to do Los Angeles provide excellent experience to adventure seekers, cultural or nature lovers. People feel peace and beauty of city that provides them beautiful and everlasting experience.

Magic of Hollywood 

Image Hollywood

When people thinks of Los Angeles first thing that came into mind is the beautiful and iconic Hollywood. This place is attraction for visitors throughout the world because of its beauty and charm, this is place where cinema started in first, when travellers walk through Hollywood Boulevard they feel stories surrounding them that has changed the tradition of big screens forever.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood walk of fame is star studded pathway passes through the centre of beautiful district, it is proof and testimonial of entertaining world. Between ever few steps there are brass and terrazzo stars with name of famous stars, musician and directors and inscribed on them. In this famous city it is not uncommon to meet famous cameramen, actors or famous personality.

Symbolic Wooden Icon on Hills

It is an iconic symbol that represent Hollywood, beautiful and iconic wood sign of Hollywood placed on high hills is more than just nine alphabets it is sign of colours and imagination for those who want to increase their recreational activities. For those people who dream of Hollywood experience closely, there are many guided tours to the big industries like Warner Bros and Universal Studios that open doors for visitors. It is possible that people see their favourite actors behind scenes and while their having their shoot, visiting this place is best of things to do Los Angeles.

Things to do Los Angles State Historic park

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Los Angeles is famous for its lights and sky touching buildings, it also have beautiful historical park to represent its culture, preserve history and mainly to celebrate agricultural achievements. It is way more than just a park it is a pathway to connect to history and to discover the culture and history of Los Angeles, it is main reason that this park is in list of top things to do los Angeles. When visitors passes through beautiful paths of park they find themselves surrounded by historical stories.

Representative of California History  

As visitors walk through the path they see a historical site that represent agriculture and farming in California state. This historical path lead you to the architectural marvels that stand as a embodiment to past. Avila Adobe is oldest house of Los Angeles provide that a sight of Mexican era.(click here to discover more about Los Angeles State Historic Park)

Santa Monica Beach Things to do Los Angeles 

Image Beach Los Angeles

The famous beach of Santa Monica is located at the shore of Pacific Ocean. This place is nothing less than heaven for beach and ocean lovers, San Monica is most beautiful place that provide visitors extraordinary and amazing experience. That is reason it is main place to go when talk about things to do Los Angeles. When visitors step foot on beautiful and sunny beach they are welcomed by breeze and atmosphere of pure relaxation.

Santa Monica is proud of its soft and endless beach which offer to remove shoes and walk on sand. Sound of waves produces satisfying voice which please visitors and it produces atmosphere so you can spend time without tension, wether people are reading book, plying frisbee or just roaming around in sunny beach of Los Angeles.

Santa Monica beach is one of the best thing to do Los Angeles beach offer relaxation from many tension and fast urban life. There are many activities offer by Santa Monica beach like it showcase talent of artist artisans and local people. To experience best things do Los Angeles, take a bike on rent in Santa Monica beach and explore the famous Marvin Braude bike trail that is along with coastline it offers beautiful view of ocean and chance to see neighbour beaches.

People who love friendly competition are obsessed with this place because Santa Monica beach is hotspot for volleyball. Visitors can join pickup game and can watch famous player digging on beach. For those who like adventure can join famous game beach soccer.

Image Santa Monica Pier

The famous Santa Monica Pier is in list of best things to do Los Angeles because visit to Santa Monica or even Los Angeles is incomplete without going to the most iconic Santa Monica Pier. This beautiful landscape serve as a gateway to ocean adventure and activities, it has Pacific park full of rides and adventure present on waves. When sun set in west this place transformed in magical world full of beautiful views and lights. This place offer you to capture beautiful and amazing views and join carnivals, enjoy in beautiful atmosphere of activities for all age people.

When people have sight on Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica beach they get lost in beautiful world of magic and activities. The beautiful sun set in Santa Monica beach provides dream view and roaming around beach offers you to see beauty on nature and ocean going there is one of the most recommended things to do Los Angeles.

Art and Culture

When talking about things to do Los Angeles, it comes in mind that Los Angeles is city full of culture and art lovers. It is large city famous for its shine and glamour and known as heaven for art lovers, Los Angeles is city full of art galleries, exhibitions and places famous for its cultural and art values. 

Image museum, art
Getty Centre

Getty Centre located on top of hills is beautiful and famous for architectural skills and artists. It is more than just a museum its an experience that take visitors to beautiful and magical world of art and nature. This museum has beautiful European paintings, sculptures decors and photographs that attract visitors and is best things to do Los Angeles for art lovers.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art is famous for its cultural values, when visitors roams through the hall they experience they are travelling in times and continents they will see different art work and ancient art crafts. For culture lovers things to do Los Angeles involve going to LACMA museum that represents culture and amazing art work.

Griffith Observatory 

Image Griffith observatory

Talking about adventure lovers the best things to do Los Angeles, first thing that came in mind of adventure lover is Griffith Observatory. Start a journey to Griffith Observatory a heaven between natural beauty Griffith park, this famous place in Los Angeles is best that attract adventure lovers and star grazers.

Griffith is not just a destination it is beautiful experience and a gateway to a magical world. So lace up hiking shoes (Click Here for Guide About Best Hiking Shoes) and start a best hiking experience through beautiful natural views. Wether visitors are experienced hikers or just want to hike challenging ascent and want to enjoy free time in wonders and beautiful views of nature, going to Griffith observatory is best things to do Los Angeles fo them. This path passes through wonders of nature and represents wildlife of South California so get ready and lace up shoes to enter magical world.

As soon as visitors start journey on hiking trails beautiful view of Los Angeles city came in front of them that gradually represent natural beauty city. As people reach Griffith observatory they can witness beauty of Los Angeles from shore of Pacific Ocean to sky touching buildings in Los Angeles city that is why this place is included in best things to do Los Angeles.

As it gets darker and night surround the city Griffith observatory became home for many stargazers. It has a telescope that shows far away galaxies, planets, stars and nebula these telescopes are of latest technology. This open gateway to see beauty of space that was first limited to astronauts that is why it is best thing to do Los Angeles for stargazers.

Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive

Image Rodeo Dr

Going to Beverly Hills located between hills of Los Angeles is one of best of things to do Los Angeles. These hills presents beauty and enjoy that is why Beverley Hills attract people from whole world. As people step foot in beautiful hills they enter in the world of beauty and nature this luxurious city, is famous for beauty and luxury. To enjoy beauty of Beverley hills people roam in beautiful and luxurious neighbourhood. As people walk through tree lined path they see beautiful architecture building welcoming them.

No trip to Beverly Hills is complete without visiting legendary and beautiful Rodeo Drive, this famous place for shopping and fashion it is heaven for shopping lovers and one of the most recommended thing to do Los Angeles. As people walk through beautiful footpaths they are welcomed by stores full of fashion and brands that impress fashion and shopping lovers.

Things to do Los Angeles Malibu 

Located with Los Angeles historic coastlines is Malibu famous for its extraordinary beauty and landscapes. This beautiful city have relaxing place for those who are tired of chaos of urban life, Malibu provides natural wonders that can take visitors into the realm of pure natural beauty. It is at stone throw distance from energetic Los Angeles city, Malibu is like carefully painted picture of beautiful natural wonders.

Image Malibu

Malibu is more than just a destination it offers natural beauty to people, so they can relax from chaos and hassle of urban life. As visitors enter Malibu they feel relax and happy, free from hassle and chaos of urban life they can enjoy beauty of ocean and beautiful natural atmosphere.

Malibu beaches are far more than just a land of sands, it is best thing to do Los Angeles for sun lovers and those who like ocean. By roaming around on coastlines of Malibu you will see a glimpse of marine life that represent beauty of ecosystem and marine life in Pacific Ocean.

Thoughts on Things to do Los Angeles

Los Angeles is city located in heart of South California, this is city famous for its beauty, charm and activities to offer for people. Los Angele is the city of angles, as talking about best things to do Los Angeles, it is known as heaven of beautiful and natural wonders. Some of the most famous and beautiful destination mention above are Los Angeles beauty that attract visitors throughout the world.

Image things to do Los Angeles

Los Angeles is place that attract every person wether he love hiking, ocean, sun set or beaches. Los Angeles is city that fulfil every desire of person like art or cultural lovers. Los Angeles welcome everyone, there is variety of things to do Los Angeles that will make trip memorable, joyful and everlasting so get ready for unlimited fun on beaches or on hiking trails like Beverley Hills and Griffith observatory from where people can also explore the stars.

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